Network and Security Solutions

Businesses are consuming, generating and analysing more data across more devices than ever before. This is exposing them to greater network and data security risks.

Not surprisingly, two of the most important asks for a chief technology officer today are network uptime and data security. Both are business-critical.

Karvy Innotech understands this only too well.

Be it ransomware attacks or data breaches, enterprises face a growing number of threats and, therefore, need a constantly evolving security environment. Karvy Innotech’s end-to-end solutions are designed to adapt to the changing dynamics in the security ecosystem and the growing network and data access needs of your users.

Our value proposition to clients is simple: Our solutions will protect your data without compromising on the speed and ease of access for your users.

Network and Security Offerings


Data Center Network

Data is the lifeblood of a modern, digital enterprise and the Data Center is the heart of your operations. Our solutions provide on-demand, always-on, secure and fast access to your data across multiple devices.

  • Converged DC network
  • Platform Tech Refresh
  • DC Network Migration
  • Software Defined Network
  • Network Function Virtualization

Lan & Wan Solutions

Karvy Innotech offers local and wide area network solutions designed for seamless connectivity, fast throughput and maximum uptime.

  • Unified 2 tier campus LAN
  • Secured Wireless and BYOD
  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN
  • Software Defined WAN

Data Center & Network Security

As more and more devices connect to your network across multiple touchpoints, you need advanced and sophisticated security solutions to protect against breaches. From data on the cloud to protection on the perimeter to security of your LAN, Karvy Innotech solutions will keep your organization secure.

  • Next Gen Perimeter Security
  • DDoS Solution
  • DLP Solution
  • APT Solution
  • Security Analytics Solution

Identity and Access Management

Karvy Innotech’s IAM solutions offer easy, secure and seamless access to systems and data to users across multiple touchpoints and devices.

  • Multifactor authentication
  • Single sign-on
  • End-Point Security Solutions

Product Offerings


Routing & Switching

Our solutions drive video, voice and data through your networks without a glitch.

  • Edge Router
  • Core Router
  • Core/Aggregation Switch
  • Access Switch


Users increasingly connecting to your network and data over mobile devices. Our products enable secure wireless access to your users.

  • WAP
  • Wireless Controller
  • NAC


Analyze, understand and improve network performance with our range of APM/NPM products.

  • Server Load Balancer
  • Link Load Balancer
  • WAN Optimization
  • Network Performance Visibility

Perimeter Security

This is your first layer of defence. Karvy Innotech offers state-of-the-art perimeter security products that protect your networks from breaches at the edge.

  • Next Gen Firewall and IPS
  • APT Appliance/SW
  • DLP appliance/SW
  • Web & Mail Gateway

End-Point Security

Protect your data, safeguard your network and give secure access to your users with our range of end-point security products.

  • Anti-Malware
  • End-Point DLP
  • End-Point Encryption

Security Analytics

Prevent threats and breaches by proactively analysing data across your security infrastructure.

  • Firewall Analyzer
  • VA/PT Software
  • SIEM Appliance/ SW