I&T & KIT-EMS Suite

Disruption is the norm as technologies like automation, IoT, cloud and mobile transform businesses. To compete, enterprises are moving from physical infrastructure to virtualized/cloud computing environments. Cloud/Virtualization helps organizations rein in costs, increase operational efficiencies, provide always-on access to users, and remotely manage the infrastructure.

Karvy Innotech’s managed services enable you to build your physical and virtualized/cloud IT infrastructure without worrying about the attendant complexities of day-to-day operations. Our experts, armed with the most sophisticated monitoring and analytics tools, will ensure your IT Infrastructure is up and running and delivering the performance that your business and users expect.

Our managed services bring you the best of Monitoring and Management flavour, allowing you to concentrate on your core business and we take care of your IT Infrastructure. KIT Managed Services are bundled with matured process and tools to ensure reliable services all time.

Global Delivery Centre

Increase your footprint across the globe with our capabilities to deliver 24x7 support for your applications, products and services. Efficient and smooth management of incidents & tickets, escalations, in line with defined SLAs and criticality, complying ITIL Standards


I&T Centre

Bringing the holistic approach for the first time, where KIT I&T has NOC, SOC, DC and Application managed server under one roof. Driving SLA as the center of attraction, KIT® P2T framework applied to deliver the best of user experience. Delivery through Remote Infrastructure Management significantly reduce your IT overheads and delivery converted from people based, whereby EMS Suite analyze the alerts, anticipate and fix operational issues before they become a risk on IT environment. KIT EMS Suite ensured the most reliable Monitoring and Management.


Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

A web-based one-stop IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution that helps in end-to end monitoring and managing of IT assets, non-IT assets in relationship to the people who own or use it in the organization.


  • Asset Life Cycle Management: Management of IT assets, non-IT assets and people throughout their life cycle phases, with all phase change and data change history captured.
  • IT Asset Auto Discovery and Tracking: Enables automatic tracking of hardware like asset ownership, status and total asset cost and software installed with automated Unique Key Generations. It tracks if there is a change in any IT Asset on Hardware and Software information.
  • Configuration Management Database: Includes 3 critical components of asset management- IT assets, non-IT assets and people, enabling tracking and management of all in a single repository, with graphical inter-relationship depictions.
  • Contract Management: Keeps track of AMC\Warranty\renewal expiry date and alerts for the contracts under Non-IT category. This helps to manage the contracts with ease.
  • Customized Dashboard and Reporting: Multiple dashboards enable reporting of assets across parameters- age, category, phase & location, with automated mailers of customized reports to stakeholders as per set schedule.


  • Helps connect IT assets, non-IT assets and the users, giving equal importance to all, thereby enabling a 360 degree approach to asset management
  • Facilitates alignment of IT with business objectives, by effective utilization of existing assets in relationship with users, business functions, locations & services.
  • Helps improve the financial, contractual, and operational efficiencies of IT assets throughout their lifecycle
  • Enables optimum availability and performance of IT infrastructure, thereby freeing up resources and investments for focused core business activities