Internet of Things

The rapid emergence of IoT is both an opportunity and a challenge for businesses. Organizations can now remotely monitor and manage a wide range of devices – be it vehicles, smart buildings or power plants. But with an increasing number of devices turning ‘smart’, enterprises must deal with an explosion of data. Technology managers must ensure that the ‘new’ devices integrate seamlessly with ‘legacy’ systems, and that business teams are able to mine actionable insights from the huge volumes of data.

Karvy Innotech provides clients with a framework to leverage IoT to drive greater business value. Regardless of your industry or size, our teams can help you use IoT to save costs, improve operational efficiency, deliver better customer service and gain a competitive edge. Karvy Innotech has the experience to design, build and manage highly complex IoT ecosystems.

Our experts will help you adopt higher levels of automation and gain deeper insights from data using advanced sensors and analytics.

Karvy Innotech’s IoT solution span

  • GIS-Based Tracking
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Current Voltage Monitoring
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring