Advance Tech Services

The technology ecosystem around your business is constantly evolving. Players who are quick to adopt emerging technologies will have the ability to disrupt the marketplace. To seize the competitive advantage, you must move first and fast, using technology not merely as an enabler but as a driver of business.

Karvy InnoTech brings you Advance Tech Services that will keep you ahead of the curve. Our experts will help you understand the potential impact of new technologies for your business and onboard solutions that are relevant to your industry.

Karvy’s teams deliver end-to-end solutions – including consulting, analysis, design, build and manage your advanced tech infrastructure.

Karvy Innotech Advanced Tech Services


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

A robust, secure, always-on cloud environment that will let you build applications and deliver an array of services to your customers


Internet of Things

IoT is set to transform every aspect of every business. It will bring in greater complexity but also holds the potential to make life simpler. We can partner with you on this transformative journey.



Turn the torrent of data into business insight and actionable intelligence with our sophisticated analytics services



Mobile Management: Provide seamless and secure access to users across multiple devices and multiple operating systems