Advanced Infra Services

In an increasingly connected marketplace, more and more businesses are realizing the advantages of moving to a virtual infrastructure – through virtualization and cloud computing. The benefits of virtualization are many – better efficiency, lower operational and overhead costs, more optimal use of computing resources, increased scalability and higher flexibility.

Karvy InnoTech’s Advanced Infrastructure Services help enterprises efficiently integrate a virtual computing environment with their legacy physical infrastructure. Our services allow you to move your enterprise to a secure, virtual infrastructure seamlessly, with minimal disruption to existing operations.

Our advanced virtualization and cloud services are aimed at leveraging existing IT investments and reducing total cost of ownership while improving service efficiency to business users and customers.

Karvy Innotech Services



End-to-end virtualization services, including desktop, server, storage, data center and network virtualization.


Cloud computing

Comprehensive cloud solutions, including consulting, design, migration, implementation, automation and management.

Why choose Karvy InnoTech

  • Capability to design, architect and implement virtualization solutions for the most complex business needs
  • Large team of certified experts with global experience across a wide range of virtualization and cloud projects
  • Network of product and OEM partnerships with world leaders in virtualization and cloud technologies